primalfire (primalfire) wrote in translumination,

Essays: Gap Technique and Tantra Yoga

Two recent essays.

Technique: Shifting Gap Intuitive-Logic Method
Between the left and right brain modes of operation is a space, a razor-fine line which can be walked. Shamans would call being in the space the ability to be in both worlds at once, the conscious deliberate world AND the surrendered mysterious energetic world. For me, this space is another representation of the ‘GAP’, the ever-present unknown which makes up the greatest majority of manifest reality, the realm of infinite potential.

Tantra Yoga and Technique of Building Consciousness
Tantra yoga is able to use any action as a means for self-realization, recognizing and incorporating into its practices the universal laws of attraction and repulsion, and integrating with the underlying unity beyond them. For clarity, tantra yoga has a scope and potential far beyond the sexual aspects typically identified in the Western world.
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