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Series of Essays

Greetings. A recent series of essays are briefly described behind the cut, with links to the articles. Magickal technique, self-empowerment, breaking of habits, yogic disciplines, and moving from a dual-nature into polarity. Some things about my own experiences and insights, and the value of silence.

Just after one year of being engulfed in despair, here is what has been learned, digested, and embraced by myself. Everything we need in life is given through love. Everything taken through addiction and fear only turns into pain. Heart-felt gifts received are of the highest caliber. Can you conceive of any better gift than the one of assisting and showing another how to reach their own inner light, to find their own source of blissful joy? Cure yourself, cure the world, and be joyful with everything in life received, all at the same time, all at once. We are abundance, every single individual is an upwelling of conscious potential. Each person has infinite potential, and just needs their heart-fire to be set ablaze.
Unconditional Love and Patterned Behavior and More, oh My

What we wish for is the freedom granted by following the intuitive voice, of becoming the vast potential of our inner most dreams. We can do this thing, every human being has this potential to become a force of change, to be a solid and glowing connection in the tapestry of livingness.
The Intuitive Voice of Our Heart

Consider, your being is in its entirety a whole circle. This represents your fullest energetic potential. This potential, by itself, is capable of incredible feats through intellect, wisdom, love, physical power, mental talents, and skillful action. Yet, while we have this fullest potential constantly available to us, instead we tend to split our energy. We do this through worry, fear, doubt, shame and unconscious mental habits. There are many ways that we block our energetic opportunity. We can never have more energy than our whole potential, so the process of ‘gaining energy’ is really a process of ‘regaining’ what is fragmented and wasted through unconscious activity.
Engaging, Fun and Effective Meditative Techniques

Recognizing the power of silence, one day this experiment was done by myself. From a Sunday afternoon to the follow Tuesday morning, silence was observed by myself. This was particularly challenging for me, as it was a traveling day, flying from Florida to Ohio. Normally this would be a stressful and strenuous trip, especially considering that my flight was cancelled, and a 10 hour delay ensued. What happened was much more magickal and amazing for me, beyond any expectations.
Insights from a Day of Silence

What we tend to call Life and Living are really a series of patterned programming which we engage in unconsciously, day to day, moment to moment. While one may call it living, it really doesn’t come close to the fullest opportunity available to us. Our patterned self is similar to a machine, it operates according to a program, with predictable cause-and-effect results. Friends, hobbies, jobs, thought patterns, belief systems, daily habits, diet, clothing, music, and entertainment, sub-cultures, religious morals, ethics, political leaning and sexual orientation, all are engaged in because of the patterns developed through living. While these patterns are natural, we are so much more, having incredible amounts of potential beyond these patterns. All that needs to be done is to step outside of these habitual responses, to first see their limitations and then to deliberately engage conscious action to create internal shifts that open our perceptual doors for new manifestation.
Life Is More Than Patterned Behavior

All of my essays are open for discussion, please post directly to the original journal entry. Your insights and observations are important, and will help others who read these articles to make their own connections.

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