Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom (eclective) wrote in translumination,
Not Falling Off Ledges, Power and Wisdom

Creativity and Play: Biological Birthrights

Wonderful passage towards the tail end of Desmond Morris' Peoplewatching that I just felt the need to quote - feel free to spread, meme and glamourbomb with as appropriate:

The naked ape should really be rechristened the creative ape. At our best we remain, all our lives, childlike adults, ready at the slightest excuse to indulge in mature play. If ever we give this up and become depressingly earnest, pious adult-adults, we will have betrayed our heritage as the most exuberant, most mischievously imaginative animal on the planet. When that happens, if it ever does, it will be time for us to move on and make way for some more attractive species to replace us. In the meantime the beautiful game of life is ours for the taking.

Morris isn't a philosopher, nor an avant-garde social commentator; he's first and foremost a zoologist, interested chiefly in what seems biologically optimal and adapted for a particular species. For him to say that, essentially, passion, fluorescence and childlike wonder are not only good for humans but an integral part of what humans were designed to be, without which they would be lacking and deviant from their nature, is rather mindblowing.
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